Jen Shaver

As a triple-certified fitness expert, I help women experience the mood and energy-boosting effects of exercise with a variety of online, on-demand, and strength classes, without the extreme moves.

My Journey

I’m Jen, a former middle and high school Spanish teacher, who combined my love of teaching with my enthusiasm for fitness so that I could help the busy midlife woman learn to make exercise work for her body, hormones, and schedule. 

As a former endurance athlete and cardio junkie, I spent years doing triathlons and marathons. While I didn’t start running until age 33, once I started, the only thing holding me back was pain. I suffered from bulging discs, anemia and extreme joint pain because I failed to incorporate strength and stretching into her training. Today, I help women of all levels gain the confidence and strength that is hidden within, from the comfort of their homes. 

Features & Appearances

As you’ll see below, I’ve written many articles including one for Best Holistic Life Magazine and I’ve been featured on numerous podcasts. I am passionate about sharing my story and mission and would love to share it with your audience!


Helping Mid-life Women

How we age is our choice. Whether our aging process moves down the tracks at a rapid pace; aging us faster through poor diet and exercise habits, or takes the scenic highway; slower through natural methods, not reaching for every new cream or supplement.

Sustainable Active Lifestyle

As we age, the idea of working smarter not harder, and less is more, should be our focus.  This will keep you injury free, prevent overtraining and provide better consistency, which supports achievement of long term results, to keep you doing the activities you enjoy.

At Home Workouts

All workouts are built around functional training and exercise sustainable for the long term, not a 30 day challenge. With functional movements, not vomit inducing burpees, the goals are for a strong, healthy, active lifestyle, filled with enjoyment and movement.

Best Results with Quick Workouts.

These workouts are designed to make you feel empowered and not defeated. So if you have ever wondered if and how you could get in a good workout without the gym and finish feeling strong, confident, and ready to enjoy your life, Fit with Shaver has your answers.

Magazine Appearances

Podcast Appearances

Importance of Strength Training for the Midlife Woman

How does strength training for midlife women compare to cardio for midlife women? In this episode, I share my personal journey to finding the value of strength training for the midlife woman.

Investing now in your future health

How do you encourage women in midlife who don’t typically exercise to become functionally fit for their older years? In this episode, I talk about my mission to make fitness accessible to all women, no matter their schedule or level. ‍


Let’s HIIT It!

Let’s HIIT It!

Many exercise enthusiasts have recently added HIIT to their exercise regimen. It seems that every few years, something new takes the fitness field by storm. The 80’s brought us leg warmers and aerobics with Jane Fonda. Billy Blanks came along with Tae Bo in the 90’s...

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I Know I Can!

I Know I Can!

The words you feed your mind are as important as the fuel you use to feed your body. We all know the importance of the number of servings of vegetables and fruit we should have in a day, or the amount of daily exercise, but did you know that the way you think affects...

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The Power of Strength

The Power of Strength

For many individuals, the thought of strength training or weight lifting is met with resistance (pun intended). They may not completely understand the true benefits of strength training, as it can add not only to maintaining a healthy weight and weight loss goals, but...

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Looking for an expert who specializes in fitness for busy mid-life women?  I’m available for blog & magazine features, podcast & video appearances, interviews, and more.