About Me

Jen is wife to her high school sweetheart, and mom of 3 humans and 2 fur babies.  She is a former middle and high school Spanish teacher, who combined her love of teaching with her enthusiasm for fitness, to help the busy midlife woman learn to make exercise work for her body, hormones, and schedule.  As a former endurance athlete and cardio junkie, Jen spent years doing triathlons and marathons. While Jen didn’t start running until age 33, once she started, the only thing holding her back was pain. She suffered from bulging discs, anemia, and extreme joint pain because she failed to incorporate strength and stretching into her training. Today, Jen helps women of all levels gain the confidence and strength that is hidden within, from the comfort of their homes. As a triple-certified fitness expert, she shares her knowledge to help women experience the mood and energy-boosting effects of exercise and offers a variety of online, on demand, strength classes, without the extreme moves.  All workouts are built around functional training and exercise sustainable for the long term, not a 30 day challenge. With functional movements, not vomit inducing burpees, the goals are for a strong, healthy, active lifestyle, filled with enjoyment and movement. So if you have ever wondered if and how you could get in a good workout without the gym and finish feeling strong, confident, and ready to enjoy your life, Fit with Shaver has your answers.




Questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach out to fitwithshaver@gmail.com